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A Little Bit About Who We Are

What exactly is the Reel Factory and why did we name our office building after an obsolete metal circle that was once used to play movies? The Reel Factory houses a group of companies located at 10488 W. Centennial Road in Littleton Colorado. The building contains a variety of tenants from those in our Executive Suites and Virtual Offices, to a large manufacturing company called Goldberg Brothers, and a start-up distillery. The name Goldberg Brothers is synonymous with the Golden Age of Hollywood, as the main supplier of movie reels to the film industry from the 1920s-80s. Today Goldberg still makes those same movie reels, and they make them in the warehouse portion of the building! Hence the name Reel Factory! That is not the only cool thing about our building, with remodeling still underway there are plans for conference rooms, event center, pilates and fitness centers, and even a movie themed Tap House! Oh, did I mention that we host charity car shows in the summer? Yes we know that this all sounds a little crazy, but as one person exclaimed, “it’s like you are building your own city in here,” very nicely stated! The goal of the Reel Factory is to create a beautiful, and technologically up to date building that will become a fixture in the community, and a place of joy for all those whose companies will call it home, and if it turns into a mini city we won’t complain!

What Makes Us Special?

I was recently contacted by a woman claiming to be in search of office space in Littleton, she asked me what made our building special. I can honestly say I hadn't gotten that question before, so it took me a few hours to formulate an answer to her question. There is something special about our building, I just didn't know exactly how to put it in words. Here is a copy of the email I finally sent back to her:

Thank you for your interest in our offices, I am the facilities manager for the building. What makes us special? Wow I love that question! I like to think there are a lot of things that make our office building better than our competitors, but here are some of the big ones:

- We keep our rent very straight forward, I have heard horror stories about how people have been nickled and dimed by other office buildings…we don’t do that. I would say 90% of my tenants (we have about 25 companies) who only pay their initial rent payments every month. A few companies have asked for additional internet, and phones in their offices and those are additional costs, but those are the only things I have ever added to invoices.

- Onsite management is another thing that sets us apart. I have an office in the building that I am in 5 – 6 days a week, so if there is ever any issue you just come, talk to me about it, and we get it fixed immediately. The Reel Factory building is also family owned and operated, so we really care about our building and keep it in very nice shape!

- I like to think we offer more amenities than any other building, amenities like weekly suite cleaning, free limited internet, private mailbox, advertising opportunities, shared kitchens, coffee station, easy online billing system, 24/7 access, fresh flowers in the common areas, and a lot of other things.

- At the Reel Factory we really pride ourselves on creating a community for our tenants and their companies. We host networking events so tenants can get to know each other, we share services (and many companies give deals for other tenants), and we all do genuinely care about each other.

- The building has features that really set it apart, we have great common areas, skylights, worktables, a conference room, event center, and fitness center (still under construction).

- In the last year the entire building has been completely remodeled, there is about 10% left to go. So really our tenants are working in new space, that has zero wear.

- Last thing, and yes I am extremely biased, but this is just an amazing building. I honestly can’t tell you how many tenants and their clients I have had come up to me and said how happy the building is, they say they can just feel it when they are here. I also believe we are the only office building that has tenants giving their clients tours… to elaborate the building (and the family run business that owns it) has an amazing history, so when I give tours to tenants to help get them acquainted with the building (it is very large) I give them background and history also. Again I can’t tell you how many times I have heard or come across my tenants giving their clients the same tour I gave them when they first moved in. I mean how many office buildings do people love so much they take the time out of meetings to share it with others?

After sending this answer to the initial email I realized that I recognized the name of the woman looking for an office. The woman runs on office building for one of our competitors. Initially I was a little upset at the woman's dishonesty, but then I realized that everything I had told her about what makes us special are things that can not be replicated in her space. We are truly special and you can not find what we have here anywhere else!

- Madison Golesh, Facilities Manager

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